Kvamme Gard

Kvamme Gard engaged in fattening of cattle and sheep. We, Ingvild and Trond Kvamme, took over the farm from 31/12-2013 by Ole J. Kvamme.

The farm has been in the family since the late 1500's and Trond is 12.generasjon who runs the farm. We are now considering the possibility of starting up the distribution of self-produced lamb.

We then look at the possibility of selling directly from the farm to customers.
When raw material is seasonal, so it will only get deliveries in the fall, typically in September / October

We see the opportunity for the provision of all animals, but also finished quartered and vacuum packed.
Salting and drying of lamb ribs for Christmas?

And what a tanned leather?

It is costly to facilitate this type of distribution, so we rely on feedback from potential customers that this is something that is interesting.

If we start with this, it will be posted info about this on these pages.

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